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The Overlord of Annandale ©

Danny Reynolds
Dalton in Furness, England

How many caves lay claim tay his tale
The overlord of Annandale.
Along Alba’s western coast, a score
would seek recognition for this Folk-lore.

The cave in which the Bruce did hide
The bleak wars of independence at a lull, outside
Despondent and defeated in 1313
Robert the 1st was inspired by what he had seen.

That sich a man could see beyond
The futility of such wars
And yet the poet in his heart
Saw one of nature’s metaphors

A nation often battered,
crushed and spirits dampened so
A future king in search of hope,
Resilience he must show.

The lowly spider time and again
Would spin his sparkling thread
Each broken strand, defeated?
No! Begin again, instead.

In Mother Nature’s classroom cave
A lesson, he did heed
Resolved tay try and try again
If he’d ever aspire, tay succeed.

Rebuild his army, he did, indeed
To stand in front o' a nation, freed.

And so in 1314
Longshanks, a lesson did learn
As Alba’s far outnumbered ranks
Spun webs of glory at Bannockburn.

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