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The Old Lady ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

No one listens as the old lady cries,
she is just being a nusance to visitors passing by.
Another statistic in an old people's home,
whose days will end, afraid and alone.
No one to visit her,
her friends all gone,
old and alone she feels so forlorn.
Each day the same, the routine so dull,
just filling in the hours, this lady from Mull.
She cries for her homeland so far away,
where she left long ago, but now rues the day.
Her head ruled her heart, is the story she tells
she married her love to the sound of church bells.
Four married years they spent on the Isle,
then her husband was transferred down to Carlisle.
It broke her heart to leave all her friends,
but she knew she would have to go in the end.
It took her a while, but she soon settled down,
and she soon got used to life in the town.
Their life was happy when they both retired,
now they travelled to places they always admired.
They often travelled, life was never dull,
but she often thought of her friends back on Mull.
Since her husband died some years ago,
life's not been the same, she often feels low.
But that has all changed now, she is lonely no more,
for a visitor heard her as she passed by her door.
The visitor heard the old lady cry,
and as she listened to her story a tear filled her eye,
she made a promise to this lady all alone,
to visit her often, like she was one of her own...

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