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The Old Fashioned Way ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

I found an old washing board
From the days gone by,
Washing day was Tuesday
I can still hear motherís sigh.

There were no modern cloth lines
Way back in them old days,
The only clothes line that we had
Was, the good old-fashioned way.

Mum was always very proud
Her washing was as white as the driven snow,
The ironing was done in the evening
My sisters would then have a go.

In the winter the washing was frozen
To dry then it would take all day,
Mum never complained
She did all things, in the old fashioned way.

I loved the smell of the washing
The bath towels were always so soft,
The sheets and blankets were warm
In the night when it was hard frost:

Just above the fire in the kitchen
The clothes line was dangling at night,
And in the morning at 6am
They had all disappeared from sight.

The legacy that Mum left behind her
Do it, in the old fashioned way,
With love in your heart and remember,
God loves you every day.

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