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The New Tomorrow ©

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

In my life I had soldiers, cars and toys,
Cowboys and Indians and aeroplane noise.
Football and cricket and playground fights,
Hospital visits and bonfire night.
In my dreams I was Superman, Batman or Zorro,
Shall I be the Lone Ranger on his white horse tomorrow.

My newspaper round I delivered,
In sunshine, rain or in fog.
The fear and surprise and the pain that I felt,
From the teeth of the vicious dog.

But the day soon came when schooldays were to be no more,
My first day at work and soon came the key of the door.

The discos by now were calling,
And so was the taste of beer.
I soon found out I was falling,
For a girl that I still love dear.

A courtship and a wedding and the bonding of life,
The boy's now a man and the girl's now a wife.

The sad news we reluctantly accepted,
For our elders we still sadly cry.
The young ones were born and grew quickly,
And the time still passed on by.

The boy who is now a man,
Looks eye to eye with his daughter and son.
In middle age years my journey of life travels on.

And the man in the mirror looks at me,
Is he honest, truthful and wise?
Can I see my mother and father?
Is it me as I look in his eyes?

He is the one I should show most respect to,
For he shared all my pain and my joy.
He finds the unanswerable question,
And he played with my toys as a boy.

His time on this earth has been happy,
Our smiles have out ruled the sorrow.
He's still the boy who dreams every night,
And awakes to the new tomorrow.

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