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The Mystery Solved ©

Tom Green
Fife, Scotland

The green bags lie on the pavement
Beneath the black dog litter bin.
Who pulled them out is a mystery.
Someone with a poor mental history?

How wrong we can be with our imagining
What pictures we paint in our mind
When we jump to the wrong conclusions
When answers weíre trying to find

What relief I felt one morning
When drawing the curtains apart
And spotted not one, but three culprits
Were at work extracting the bags

Well, thatís not quite true
I hasten to make mention
One on the roof of the bin extracting
Two stood keeping guard at attention

When the bags fell on the paving
The guards started raking about
While the other was tugging and pulling
And more of the green bags came out

I looked in vain for my digital camera
To capture the scene would be good.
As usual I couldnít quickly find it
Try hard as I possibly could

The camera now located and ready
I rushed back to the scene of the crime
But my proof of the deed was thwarted.
Youíve guessed it, the rascals had gone

Instead of a big glossy photo
Iím reduced to telling in prose
That the perpetrators Iíd rumbled
Were three black Carrion Crows!

This evidence now poses some questions
Re. species corvus corone corone.
What on earth were they hoping to get
From a bag of litter from somebodyís pet?

I think from the first bag the sample
Would have been sufficiently ample
To discourage forays of this sort
But itís happened so often I wonder
Just what is the diet theyíve got

Or are they simply forgetful
Their short-term memory so bad?
I know very well the feeling
I canít remember the breakfast I had.

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