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The Man From Stoke ©

Written after attending an international course, that taught how to teach English to speakers of other languages. The Professor was highly creative and enthusiastic.

Nancy Purves
Calgary, Canada

There once was a man come from Stoke
A "roight" lively sort of a bloke
who taught how to teach
methods varied to reach
minds and hearts of all manner of folk.

Said to teach every way that we think
And he laughed with a side little wink
while he juggled silk cloth
and bright rings he did toss
Green, Orange, Yellow and Pink.

He could teach while he stood on his head
And whilst twirling he constantly said
If they laugh, dance and sing
they'll remember all things
that they've heard or ever have read.

So thank you, kind Sir, for your vision
Keep on going, we now share your mission
And "ta" for the help that we've gotten
to be teachers effective - not rotten.

To lands near and far we're now going
Trusting our Brains will keep Growing
But if someday out there
some class sends us trotten
We'll blame the whole thing on our friend - Harry Cotten.

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