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The Madrid Massacre ©

On the 11th of March 2004, at least 202 innocent people on Madrid commuter trains were murdered by terrorist bombs. The words of Scotland's greatest poet, written over two hundred years ago, are still applicable on this dreadful day.
"Man's inhumanity to man
Makes countless thousands mourn!"
from "Man Was Made to Mourn" by Robert Burns
H Marshall

Draw-down the blinds.
Hide from the sun,
For evil deeds,
This day are done.

Close-down the lids
Of murder'd eyes.
Stem-back the tears
And mothers' cries.

Avenge these deeds!
Catch ev'ry one!
Not one killer,
Must think he's won!

Root-out terror
Upon the earth!
Visit on them
Justice and death!

Comfort the souls
Bereft in Spain.
Tend to their grief
And soothe their pain.

Friends of Madrid,
Deep in sorrow,
We stand with you
All tomorrow.

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