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The Loony Bins! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Oh how wise are all our councillors
They are free from all our common sins
And in their wondrous sense of wisdom
Theyíve stopped all our weekly wheelie bins
You need not complain to your councillors
And youíll waste your time if you protest
For they will carry on no matter what
And simply say that they know best
And now that summerís here again
On this thought letís pause and dwell
You will know your wheelie bin is there
By that damn awful stinking smell
You will see it covered over with flies
As it attracts birds and dogs and cats
And as you chase away the rats and mice
You can then say, "I told you that!"
But do you think that they will listen
To what we the public now propose
Hell no they will stick to once a fortnight
And tell us all just to hold our nose

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