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The Lean Stigma Special ©

Danny Reynolds
Dalton in Furness, England

Another day, another dawn,
Another cold and crispy morn.
Another chance to right the world.
A magic-carpet of hopes, unfurled.

A noble cause. A challenge. A goal.
The spiritís engine, stoked with coal.
Fire and steam up, release the brake.
Ahead, the only direction to take.

All other ways are thought perverse.
This gear box designed without reverse.
No backward motion could be allowed,
As the Optimism Express onward ploughed.

Every day a Red Letter day.
Always finding a better way.
Never a hidden agenda, per se?
(Maximum output for Minimum pay?)

Eradicate the waste from view.
Lean the rest, the thinnest will do.
Six menís work, now managed by two.
Smile broadly, then turn the final screw.

The Optimism Express is no Double O Gauge.
He preys on his colleagues, to cover his wage.
If he comes to your station,
youíd best watch your backs,
or heíll use them as sleepers,
for his next set of tracks.

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