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The Last Whisper ©

Josette Marie Louise Lager
California, USA

Charles Foster Caine
Citizen Caine what a
pain you were what
a pain you were.
Yet you had a greatness
about you no one could deny.

Memories of childhood were elusive
unreachable with no exclusives
in sight so you transferred
all your love to paper
and decided to write write write.

How can one miss what one
never had but it didn't turn
out that bad that sad did it?

You owned all those fancy rags
and not one of them was a dud
so how ya so how ya like them
apples Rose Bud?

So I'll visit you now and then
and throw some petals upon your grave
I'll sing "Amazing Grace,
how sweet the sound" and here
you are now in this place
in the ground.

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