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The Ladyton Spring ©

Danny Reynolds
Dalton in Furness, England

There's a taste in the water
that naywhere else is found
A taste of hard won freedom
on an ancient battleground
Where highlander and lowlander
wid face the cannons bile
and ston as wan tay win or die
tay guard their precious mile.
For every King that claimed their lives
and lands and rights tay roam
wid huv tay underston they'd fight
tay the death for kin and home.
The water there at the Ladyton spring
did quench them and their cattle
And if truth's told, in days of old
it never saw any battle.
Tho Scotland merged wi the British Isles
their blood and guts wurnay wastit
There's freedom in every Scottish burn
cup yir hands in their waters
and taste it.

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