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The King of Fireworks ©

Calum Stewart
Glasgow, Scotland

The Blunderbuss, created a fuss
On that night, so long ago
Hiding the tears, brought by fears
As we waited for it to blow

Guy Fawkes night, a distant sight
All too far, in the future
A lifetime, more, too long to store
A prize like this, this creature

At Halloween, it would have been
We gathered for the scam
All for one, until it's done,
Said our chief, Tam the Bam

There was no band, in all the land
As brave as here gathered
No other team, like us I mean
Had in History, been fathered

The one to bring, a firework king,
To lighten up the dark
One to savour, bad behaviour
That really hits the mark

Gang of weans, went to great pains
To plan and orchestrate
No little fuss, the Blunderbuss
With us to officiate

I did refuse, to light the fuse
cos my mum's on my shoulder
Evil matches, worse than scratches
A no no, the world over

A six year old and very bold
Strode up with the matches
He lit the flame, wished he was hame
Retreating fast, the fuse catches.

The Blunderbuss, like a' e' us
Was sorely disappointed
Expects were high, one planned to cry
In the end it was all, disjointed.

A damp squid, had put a lid
On our gang's wee escapade
Never mind, no-one's blind
And we were all a little afraid

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