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The Kingdom of Fife ©

My affiliation and devotion to the land of my late father's birth and picturing his childhood.

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

It's pleasing to be where you've been,
And to see what you've seen.
The fields of farmer's corn,
The cottage in which you were born.
Those lanes with walls of stone,
Did you run or wander and roam?
Could you see the smoke from the railway,
Rise over the Kingdom of Fife?
Have you stood on Ladybank station?
Was it happy, your childhood life?
The Lomond Hills stand high,
As high as the Scottish sky.
Is that where you wanted to be?
Did you want to climb them to see,
North to the Firth of Tay,
The church of Collessie or Cupar,
And out to St Andrews Bay?
Did you ever ride out to the ocean,
Watch the fishing boats mooring at Crail?
Was the sea your only tomorrow?
How soon were you likely to sail?
Your bloodline runs on now in England,
Bennet Kennedy roots lie in Fife.
We honour the land that we live in,
But the Kingdom's a part of our life.

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