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The Journey Of Life ©

Andrea R M Fletcher

The wide ocean, open. A site
Of stability and peace flowing,
Giving way to tranquility
Of dreams once stored, expressed.
Now she is on her way to the
Summerset, where there are
New beginnings and new horizons,
As she remembered the ocean
Left behind, her heart yearns
For her memories of Yesterday,
Captivates her mind, indulges
Her into a renaissance of beauty,
An almost perfect picture,
Just one experience tore her
To pieces, only to restore
Her faith and hope, given way to
New beginnings and peace.
Within her, a sense of forgiveness,
A state of belonging and love,
Once more, the ominous dark clouds
Hang before her eyes, dissipated.
Restoring her dreams and faith,
In sync with her as she sleeps,
No more longing for the ocean.
Rest here in the summerset
Light. As she shines through,
She recalls that life is a journey.

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