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The Journey ©

Irene McIsaac
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

We do not travel it alone
Nor do we know where it will take us
And to truly experience it
We must put our trust
In those who will be our guides.

We board the train full of anticipation
Not knowing where we will alight
Or what awaits us at each stop.
With faith, we hold the hands that welcome us
And let them lead us down the winding roads.

Each destination sets the stage and scenery
Where the curtain rises to reveal and tell the story
Of those who touch our lives,
Those who steal our hearts
And those who capture our love.

As the train travels farther afield
And fellow passengers depart one by one
We bid them adieu, sad to see them go
And we are left wondering
When and where we will meet again.

So much to see, so much to do
So much yet to be fulfilled.
So many blessings
So much to be thankful for
So many dreams to be realized.

Suddenly, before we know it
The wheels start turning faster,
The once long track grows shorter
And, as our train approaches the terminus,
We reflect and ask ourselves...

Did we appreciate those we met along the way?
Did we give a helping hand when needed?
Did we learn from our mistakes?
Did we care enough to make it matter?
Did we notice the beauty around us?

Did we accomplish all we hoped for?
Were many words left unspoken?
Now there is no turning back,
We must be satisfied with who we are
And accept the consequences of our deeds.

Did we choose it?
Was it chosen for us?
Did we live it to the fullest?
Would we travel the same roads again?
In this journey of Life!

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