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Their Faith Was Restored ©

Andrea R M Fletcher

Eternal God, light their path and give them sight
Guide their decisions and restore their faith
Embrace them in your gentle arms with delight

As they come together as one loving unification
They pray that you would bless them with your grace
And that you would guide their spirits from fornication

They pray for strength and peace amongst the malicious
So that they will ascend in the midst of glory
And so that they will prevail, victorious

They pray for their eyes to see infinite splendor
And within their hearts each beat they will savor
As they walk hand and hand, they surrender

And as they look across the green grass landscape
They were joyous, beaming like shades of a rainbow
During their precious time spent on their land

They sow the crops, planting seeds to bloom
Like terrains of orchids, and fields of rose buds
For across the enchanting horizon, their love blossoms

While their hearts go pitter-patter at infinite intervals
They look beyond the fields and there stood the lighthouse
Where they washed away the external and saw the internal

Now they look to the brilliant Heavens, it is a new day, light
And at last their faith in each other was restored through sight

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