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The Intruder ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

He entered the house not a sound did he make,
he listened to make sure no one was awake.
He moved round the room like an intruder does,
with no thought for his victims sleeping above.
Why does he do it? What does he gain,?
Does he never think it causes such pain?
Those little mementoes saved over the years,
to lose them like this is sure to bring tears.
The little things that can't be replaced
gone to fuel an addict's craze.
It's a terrible feeling when the victims awake,
to find a sight that causes heartbreak.
They never heard a sound to cause them alarm
and had they woken they may have been harmed.
One never recovers from this terrible feeling
It could happen again. This leaves them reeling.
Every little sound they hear in the night,
causes them to wake and gives them a fright.
Now they make sure before settling down at night,
that all the windows and doors are locked up tight.

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