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The Horse ©

by Hamish M Anstruther

Eohippus and Equus caballus,
Your many breeds have developed among us.

Coronet, gaskin, hock and cannon,
A conformation which we can sit on.

Palomino, black, chestnut and bay,
Across the world your colours are many.

Clydesdale, Cleveland, Arab and Thoroughbred,
All you ask is dry straw for your bed.

Stallion, mare, filly and colt,
The rustling leaves can make you all bolt.

Walk, trot, canter and gallop,
With one flailing hoof you deliver a wallop.

Stirrup, saddle, bridle and bit,
Good equitation will ensure they all fit.

Racing, dressage, ploughing and polo,
With faultless stride you mark a straight furrow.

Oats, molasses, chaff and hay,
With a good feed of each you can travel all day.

Shoes, nails, knives and files,
The farrier's skill will grant you more miles.

Colic, splints and laminitis,
The veterinary fees can sometimes frighten us.

Army, police, ranch and royalty,
With un-stinting devotion you give us your loyalty.

Sure-footed strength, stamina and speed,
For those who care, you have all that they need.

Two fine young Arab horses

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