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The Homecoming ©

William Musleh
Glasgow, Scotland

I left my home in Carrick Street, a room above a dunny
To seek for fame and fortune in the Land of Milk and Honey
But each night as I lay sleeping in sunny Southern Spain
In dreams I`d walk along Argyle Street again

Now absence makes the heart grow fonder in confusion
As nostalgic thoughts of childhood days cast their sweet illusion
Where a slum seems like a palace and success viewed as a crime
These were the strings that drew me home as I sought to turn back time

But Carrick Street had long since changed, boyhood friends were dead
And a concrete maze called Kingston Bridge towered overhead
Blocking out the daylight, memories now a haze
Like the tarmac that once melted away in lovely summer days

So I wandered sad and lonely through dear old Glasgow Town
Then I stepped inside a Tavern my sorrows for to drown
The tears began to flow at my third glass of wine
For this city that once was home was no longer mine

I looked into the mirror and looking back at me
Were my Father and my Mother staring silently
As the drink rushed to my head they raised a glass and smiled
While the raucous patrons sang,`I`m Nobody`s Child`

Then I led my new found friends in the `Green Green Grass of Home`
But the mirror showed that I was standing all alone
Though looking to the right and left I could plainly see
That my Mum and Dad were standing beside me

Feeling nauseated I reeled towards the door
As the words `Oh please don't go` fell upon the floor
Then out into the street I gave a backward glance
I never saw the transit van, I never stood a chance

Outside the Crystal Bell at a quarter after seven
A body lay in Gallowgate, A spirit rose to Heaven
A Son of Anderston had come home to roam no more
As the mirror in the Tavern lay broken on the floor.

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