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The Holocaust! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

When I think about the Holocaust, I find it hard to comprehend,
How people could be so hard and cruel and to such evil depths descend!
This depravity, to which they sank, as they slaughtered human kind,
must have been, a mad insanity, in their twisted, hate warped minds!
How could they stand, the awful strain, of this sad, vast extermination,
as they carried out the genocide, of the helpless Jewish nation?
For as they slaughtered them in millions, did they not stop to count the cost,
or did they think, no one would know, or find out about the Holocaust?
How could they face up to the tasks, that they performed each day,
as they put them in the gas chambers and sent them on their way?
How could they stand the awful stench, or face the awful strain,
in the face of so much misery, such destruction and such pain?
I wonder, if those still alive, who carried out this slaughter,
ever thought that those, they put to death,
could have been their sons and daughters
I know not if there is a God, or if he is all forgiving,
but I would find it strange, if he forgave,
this vast slaughter of the living !
I know these bibles, that we read were never heaven sent,
when they said one eye, for an eye, in that old testament.
But to those who ran those vast death camps, they did their job too well
and although I am not a violent man, God! I hope they roast in hell!
For we little know, or understand, the measure on the rod
and we can only wait and hope and pray, that it is understood by God!
For until the day, that I pass on, from this earth and onward fly,
that question will still haunt me as I say "For Godís sake Why, Oh Why?"

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