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The Hero of Scotland ©

K. S. George
Harrison, USA

Throughout the ages
People have loved you,
Honoured you,
Remembered you.

You loved your country so much
You were willing to die for it.

You were betrayed
By your countrymen
Who joined an enemy nation's forces.

For many days
You were forcibly dragged
While tied to the enemy's horses

You were tried under a farce.
The enemy presented their lies
And were believed over your supporters.

You were then dragged
Before the church
Where they cut you apart
While you still lived.

You felt the pain
Of the dull metal
That tore you apart.

That was the enemy's purpose
To humiliate you,
To torture you,
To scatter you to the four corners.

They murdered your body
But they failed in their efforts
To murder your spirit and memory
So you still live on
In the hearts and minds
Of your descendants and countrymen.

You are truly
The Hero of Scotland

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