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The Hell We Patrol ©

Dedicated To: Christopher Martinez

Roland R. Ruiz
Texas, USA

Down a darken street so narrow, lies a passage of deep deception
Lurking beneath the broken windows, with death behind each blacken shadow

I feel a fear creeping over me, as I walk thru this wretched land
My fellow soldiers, walk beside me, with their rifles tightly held

We'll search this town as duty calls us, to find an enemy that hides so well
An order is given to advance, towards a point upon a map

Oh, how I hate this town, the city they call Baghdad

I say a prayer as we trek forward, a call to God, forms in my heart
Please dear Lord protect these soldiers from the deadly traps prevailing
In this God forsaken town, the city they call Baghdad

Soon I hear the sound of bullets, streaming past my GI helmet
I searched to find a spot to shield me, I turned to see my fellow soldiers
Face the same ordeal

I looked to see where the gunfire came from
All at once we returned the fire, towards the shattered building
Across the pebbled street

Soon a silence filled the air, no more gunfire came our way
I looked to see if harm befelled us, thank you Lord, no blood was shed
Once again we resumed our march and soon we reached the point we seek

Now we can return to base, to rest our weary bones
And hope that God does hear our prayers
For tomorrow is another day

In this hatred hell of fate, the city they call Baghdad

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