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The Heavenly Sculptor ©

John McCallum
Falkirk, Scotland

From drop fed trickle, stemmed veins pulsed fickle,
Till flickering strands weaved muckle from mickle,
And as dulling display heard pitter-patter praise,
The Almighty himself touched a pine tree ablaze.

His sore felt ovation scarred natures formation,
as decisive erosion tapped winding venation,
and rip-roaring flood bared rock beneath mud,
as white foaming temper drew hillside blood.

Perpetual performance did find fair resistance,
As granite lined glen contains your persistence,
And mist forming rumble detracts of fixation,
That sharp edge corners need smooth renovation.

From tearful tantrum - flows artistic condition,
Each outburst inspiring great acting rendition,
Off entangled swirls leapt cascading plunger,
This marvellous mixer licks rocks with hunger.

From hanging ledge - I imagined changed state,
Microscopic grooming to millennium's far date,
With continuous will to advance fine creation,
The Heavenly Sculptor - sparks genius elation.

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