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The Haggis ©

George McKissock
Fife, Scotland
Date - unknown

The haggis is a noble beast,
the same size as a crow.
It maks the scot a noble feast,
And gies his nose its glow.

The merry ghillies hunt it lass,
Flyin' backward throw the snow,
An' trap it in their bunnets lass
Whaur the purridge trees hang low.

Whaur the purridge trees hang low lass
An' the sporran bushes grow;
They champ the tatties up ma lass,
Tae trap their bonnie foe.

Sae drink yer whusky up lass,
An' pass the bottle roun'
It helps yer indigestion lass
An' keeps the haggis..doon.

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