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The Guidance Teacher's Prayer ©

J. D. C. Campbell
Ayr, Scotland

Dear Lord,
I pray for just one day
when all the problems go away
And pupils can with certainty
live and learn in harmony,
And bodies will not bruise or bash
or illness cause headache or rash,
And none shall pull at someone's hair
and claim, though seen, they 'wuznae there'.
Head Teachers won't with sudden light
be blessed with wondrous insight!
And senior management won't add
priorities to the list I had.
Lord, please ensure that on this date
all are present with not one late,
And grant that all the telephones
disconnect from parents' homes.
And from disruption give us grace
to save me from the paper chase.
And then, perhaps, by set of sun
I might well get my filing done.

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