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The Green Goblet ©

J.M. Smith
Illinois, USA

It was down at the pub called the Green Goblet lounge,
Where the lassies could come to be seen..
And the mates would gather to hoist a few rounds
And sing a few songs o' the green..

There was Brian Tasker, a handsome lad
Who was tall and straight and true..
The kind you'd want to have as your friend
If only one was your due..

And Christopher Hardy with a giant smile
And always a sparkling eye..
There was many a jolly slap on the back
When Chris came stopping by..

There was Ian Mathers, quiet and stout,
A banker's apprentice was he..
And Ian Campbell, a wee bit of a lout
Though he was always quite pleasant to me..

And Blair whose hair was brilliantly blond,
With a face most like a child..
A gentle lad of genteel ways
With a manner both cheerful and mild..

It was there with a pint o' lager and lime
I spent many evenings, you see..
Though some would say I wasted my time,
It meant all the difference to me...

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