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The Gift Responds ©

Irene McIsaac
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Says the crocus -- Spring has arrived
And the warmth of the sun
Is melting the last snowflakes on my petals
Now I can see the upright shoots of tulips and daffodils
Which, when I am gone
Will bring continued colour and life to her garden
Thank you
For letting me be the first bloom to bring her such pleasure

Says the foal -- I opened my eyes
And saw her tired, but smiling face
Felt her strong hands hold me as I wobbled
And once steady, became aware
I can run, I can dance...
Almost fly
And see beneath me this soft blanket of yellow and gold...
Oh, what freedom!

Says the finch -- My belly is full
It is so crowded in this nest
I must explore...
I am in motion, I have a voice, I can sing
Please, let my notes be in harmony
With this morning choir
That brings music to her ear
Will she hear me above the others?

Says the breeze -- Summer and I am here, there, everywhere
Affecting movement and sound... changing tides
Repositioning clouds to protect her body from the sun
Blowing wisps of golden hair into her eyes
Whistling and echoing through the caves
Forcing the waves to reach the shore
And wash the sand from her painted toes
Does she feel cooler now?

Says the sunbeam -- What fanciful illusion will I conjure
To make her tarry awhile in this magical glen
I must hurry, for soon she will surface and be on her way
Ah! I will channel my rays
To the waterfall's mist
And, as her shoulders emerge
Drape her in halos of rainbows
Will she hear them giggle as they watch from their shady bower?

Says the seashell -- It seems an eternity
But at last I am visible
She stoops, picks me up
And with slender fingers
Brushes the grains of sand from my crevices
The pastel shades of my pearly coat
Now shimmer in the sunlight
Will she behold me as a thing of beauty?

Says the leaf -- Autumn has left me
Dry, crisp and thirsty,
Detached and alone,
Separated from the fading landscape above
Yet, thankful she is gifted and captured on canvas
The profusion of colour to which I contributed
Now I must lay in wait, wonder
What journey is in store?

Says the butterfly -- Enough! Enough!
I must conserve my energy
I have entertained her this fine day
And while her applause was gratifying
I must hasten and begin my long solo flight south
But first, one last glance at the beauty
She has shared with me 'til summer's end and throughout the fall
Au revoir!

Says the squirrel -- Oh what bounty her garden has provided
All I could ask for, all I could hope for
All that is required
To sustain us
Through the approaching winter
No need to forage, no need to further search
We can be warm and cozy earlier than anticipated
She must be a mother, like me!

Says the snowflake -- Winter skies have opened
I am one of trillions, yet unique in shape,
Maintaining my own space as I spiral downwards to my final destination
To join others on the tip of the needled branch
And catch a glimpse through the frosty window of her bedroom
Where the glowing embers of the fire
Silhouette her kneeling in prayer
Who will answer her?

Says the star -- With accelerating speed
I soar across the galaxies
Lighting their way
Ruffling the feathers on their heavenly wings
My brilliance sparkles like the facets on a flawless diamond
Did they notice below?
Will her wish be granted?
Will I settle on the hand she holds out to him?

Says the flame -- I can fascinate her for hours
As she gazes into the depths of my existence
I can make her imagine she is dancing the flamenco
In the centre of my circle
I can bring a soft glow to her evening as she curls up with her book
But can I bring back the laughter in her eyes?
Can I restore the warmth to her heart?
I will try! I will try!

Says the precious gift -- Oh, what miracle
To be nestled here in the folds of her breast
To reach up and touch her soft cheek
To be comforted by her soothing lullaby
To have her undivided attention,
The security of her selfless love
Her guidance, her admiration, her praise
To know she will always be here for me
Season after season

Where would I be if not for her?
Who would I be if not for her?
How do I repay her?

Says she -- "No need
My precious one.
I have been blessed by your creation,
And for this
I am ever thankful."

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