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The Gift ©

Chantal Perron
Aylmer, Canada

When thinking back of that day
Where I found out you were there
I cry and I wonder deep inside me
Why did your father leave me here all alone
With all these things to deal with at the same time

He changed his mind numerous times
Never quite sure what he wanted to do with you
But I did, I knew I wanted to keep you
For you were the only good thing that was left.

I come to think of how you will look like
A bit of me, and a bit of him
But most of all, I'm afraid for the future
Afraid to not be a good enough mother to you

Many nights I cried myself to sleep
Thinking of you and what our family could have been like
It's such a shame your daddy was such a mess
I always wanted a beautiful family

I hope one day you will understand
Of why I kept you away from your daddy
To the point where I wanted you for myself
I just don't want to see you get hurt.

To him you were not that important
He had other things on his mind like parties and drugs
But to me, you are the world
And I want you to understand how much I love you

I chose to put my life aside at 17
To put aside the friends and parties
To be beside my little angel when he cries at night
And when you won't be feeling right.

I chose to go back to school and make us a future
So we can have the best out of life together
I don't want you to suffer for anything
And this is why I am going to do my best.

You truly are a gift from god
I don't regret having you
For you've taught me many things I didn't know before
Even the true meaning of love.

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