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The Gift ©

Irene McIsaac
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

The early Spring crocus
Peeping through the last remains
Of the winter snows,
Bringing with him the promise
Of scented blossoms and floral rainbows --

The newborn foal
Struggling on his delicate legs
Taking his first steps,
Then prancing and dancing like the wind
Through the shimmering field of buttercups --

The purple finch
Opening his beak
To peck the worm from the mouth that feeds him,
Then taking flight and filling the air
With the pleasant warble of his morning song --

The gentle Summer breeze
Whispering in the moonlight
Rippling on the ocean,
Caressing the silence of the night
And pondering the dawning of a new day --

The golden sunbeam
Filtering through the branches of the weeping willow,
Creating the illusion
Of fairies skipping on the pebbles
In the winding brook --

The pearly seashell
Embedded in the warm sand,
Waiting to be uncovered,
Hoping to be held in loving hands
And treasured forever --

The dusty Autumn leaf
Mingling in the splendid tapestry of crimson and amber,
Preparing to fall softly to the earth
And be swept away
To destinations unknown --

The majestic butterfly
Spreading his gossamer wings,
Swooping, fluttering and pirouetting
In his final performance
Before departing on his long journey to the Southern Hemisphere --

The bushy tailed squirrel
Darting here and there,
Rummaging and collecting nature's provision of berries and nuts
Stocking his larder in readiness for winter
When he will change his coat and become inconspicuous --

The soft Winter snowflake
Floating from the heavens,
Gently kissing the tall fir
As he settles on the sloping bough
Awaiting him --

The shooting star
Gliding through the skies,
Illuminating the angels,
Catching the eye of the young lovers
As they make their wish --

The magical flame
Dancing on the Yuletide log
Glowing brightly in the fireplace,
Casting shadows on the ceiling,
Warming the frosty air --

The precious gift from The Almighty
The gift a mother fondles, nurtures,
Protects with her life
Throughout the seasons,
And when his wings are ready,
Reluctantly unties the thread,
And lets him fly away --

This gift she will cherish in her heart forever,
This gift that has made her a woman --

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