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The Fruit Bowl ©

Mark the Spark
Linlithgow, Scotland

Temptations are forbidden fruits, and traps for mortal men
Succumb to their beguiling charm, and you’ll succumb again
Exotic and erotic, and never on the shelf
These tantalising morsels, will soon consume your wealth

For something that is different, needs very special care
More pampering and cosseting, than any peach or pear
But while you’re paying attention, to your passion fruit, reflect
That in your bowl, your apples, are now suffering from neglect

Your home grown orchards bounty, may have gone and lost their shine
But that’s no need to discard them, for some juicy clementine
These charismatic packages may, look pleasing to the view
But they’ve only grabbed attention, “cos” they’re different and new

You think that they’ll remind you, of a taste you’d had before
When your palate was much keener, and existence not a chore
But whose the kidder, kidding, when reality takes heed
Of the years of lack of pruning, you’re the one that’s gone to seed

You once thought you were special, like a star fruit “mid” them all
Now you’re closer to a kiwi, sort of hairy, plump and small
And the only saving factor, that attracts the clientele
Is when you’re put on special offer, when there’s nothing left to sell

And you try and paint a picture, that you’re fresher than you are
Though the packagings been damaged, and the spoiling's gone too far
But you’re blinded by your vanity, and overlooked the fate
That your shelf-life’s overtook you, and you’ve passed your sell-by date

So now when you fancy shopping, for some foreign fruitish fare
And your taste buds are a tingling, then the buyer, beware
For a rashfull choice may cost you, much more dearer than you think
So before you splash your “siller”, best to pull back from the brink

And recall some vivid memoirs, when you picked your orchards treasure
And how sweet and fine they tasted, how they filled you then with pleasure
So don’t cast a care for melons, peaches, mangoes, grapes or lime
If you want my frank opinion, stick to apples every time!!!

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