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The Friendship Club ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

It is the CISWO tea dance and they are all here again today
their aches and pains forgotten as they dance the afternoon away
they do foxtrots and quicksteps some are slow and some are nifty
with memories of how it was when they danced in the fifties
big Dunc is in the toilet and he is struggling hard to wee
He has trouble with his prostate and he'll likely miss his tea
Nancy has a brand new partner she met in Cowdenbeath
he is a really lovely fella but he hasn't any teeth
His latest fancy footwork man it nearly broke her neck
When she mistook his outside swivel for a travelling contra check
Wee Helen's had her hair done and is ready for a saunter
She had a Vindaloo last night and it's coming back to haunt her
Rita's outfit is revealing when she is spinning at a jive
And she really shouldn't wear a thong when she is nearly sixty five
Our Gavin he is awfi' quick as he dives up on the floor
As he waltzes, jives, and quick steps with a Tango as encore
They've had their tea and had a chat and had a little laugh
As they rise again with creaking joints to start the second half
big Dunc has made it back again to do a quick step just for fun
And though his dancing's nice and neat his flies are still undone
That Liza's fallen over in a great big crimplene heap
Bobby's crippled with indigestion and Margaret's fast asleep
Bill is here from Leven he is as usual well turned oot
and they say he looks a cracker when he is in his birthday suit
remember it’s on Tuesday afternoon and is never on a Monday
and oor wee Jean, man she’s a scream, when she tries to do a Ronde
Those nice Romsbys are here again from away across the water
and they say they like our company with all it's witty patter
Wee Doris dances round the floor as she jives around and rocks
and we would all fall over her if she danced in her socks
George he plays the keyboard as he rattles out the tunes
and in the interval each week he gets some singers up to croon
jokey Ian and his wife are here and we are glad to see them back
he thinks that he is Valentine Dyall that's why he aye wears black
Cathie’s dancing very funny she has a distinctive starboard list
And it’s easy to see why, ‘cos she’s got her knickers in a twist
Crista is a German lass who each week has a lovely time
she got eighteen boy friends when she shouted out nein, nein
and after all where will you get a buffet dance and a free drink
so I'll see you at the Ciswo club for it's much later than you think

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