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The Fisherman ©

This has been made into a song with a few changes

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

I've been to sea as a teaboy
Then got mysell a share
With money in my pocket
A brave man wae nae fear
I've drunk in awe the bars
In every coastal town
An' raised ma hans in argument
For every drink gone done

I am a fisherman
Frae driftnet to deep trawl
Whin I left the Sea tae settle down
I couldnae resist its Call
I've lifted prawns an' scallops
An' herrings by the shoal
Cod an' skate an' whitin'
When money was ma goal

Been out in awe the weathers
Fingers blue wi cold
To seas as high as mountains
An' sun-kissed clouds of gold
Shoals of rainbowed herring
Fin of basking shark
Clouds o' tiny plankton
Seen in our lights so stark

O' I miss the lights of Davaar's sweep
The winkie on the Dhorlin
The steeple from the Lowland kirk
My past to me is calling
Tonight I'll drink in MacCallum's bar
An' raise ma glass wi pride
An' toast the men frae Campbeltown
Who'll stand there by my side

Each wave upon the ocean
The tang within the sea
A certain feel when loading fish
It has that grip on me

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