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The Finest Things ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Have you lain upon your back
In contemplation
Of a crack which mars
Some ceiling's grand design?
Have you ever gazed
In silent concentration,
At some totally obscure
Loop or line?
Did you sit before a fire
Brightly blazing,
And view therein far more
Than coal or wood;
Or maybe, in such hours
Spent just lazing,
You've pondered what is right
And what is good?
Have you closed your eyes,
The mind to better wander,
Exploring, as it will,
The world you face,
Or focused on some
Unknown distant yonder,
And marvelled at
Your own unhurried pace?
If to like moments
You can claim exemption,
Denouncing such,
To worship endless toil,
Then happiness you have
Denied redemption,
And forfeited
The finest things of all.

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