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The Facade of Superficiality ©

Robin MacLean
Oban, Scotland

For our first feast of time I will prepare for you the sun
she will be wonderfully animated and garnished to boot
the moon will be wheeled out on a crystal wheel barrow
and that shall be our afters
when we leave each other's company
I will analyse everything about you
not your shining attire but what is worn by every stitch
I will try and understand the mechanics of your mind
You see this is what I do
I am you and you are me
for the first feast anyway

For our second feast of time I will prepare something more concocted
a little word a simple idea and perhaps some hearsay
this is intended to make you talk
what you bring to the feast is your own
we’ll wash it down with some analysis and Chardonnay
this will bring great balance and finesse to the meal
just look at how we’re evolving

If we do not enjoy the second feast of time together
I will prepare a chain of little bites from then on
they will be superficial and laborious
however, they will not be poisoned
I am not that type of cook

If we do enjoy the second feast of time together
then prepare yourself for breakfast lunch and dinner
for I will be on call to you at any time
I will cook and I will poison and I will poison what we eat
but never to let death sit in at any of our meetings
only so we might discuss the merits of my alchemy

Do you see how we’re evolving?
I like your mechanics and you like mine
let's have a glass of Chardonnay and discuss the life of time.

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