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The Eczema Nurse, Dalrymple ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Awe us bairns aged twa tae eight
Stripped o claise an made tae wait
feart tae hear yir stridin' gait
oor bodies awe cauld an pimpled
in terror o the nurse Dalrymple

each day we came wi feart yir blessin'
whin in the ward yid change oor dressin'
o awe yon scabs an bloated messin'
wae awe yir years in Devilish craft
yid threatin' us tae hae a laugh

why did yi dae that tae us
lee us wae this awfie curse
an you a trusted Nurse
awe thae years yid threaten needle
frae finest peen tae Church-like steeple

why, as we bairns in sic pain
whit did yi hope tae gain
tae lee us wae sic lifelong stain
fir awe thae days wi sat an gret
yiv left us wae yin lifelong debt.

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