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The Dream Catcher ©

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

A wooden bed moored to the sea,
All is quiet - out went midnight...
Peat ambers glow in the chimney,
...To the dreamer, strings of delight.

I am those eyes on the cliff edge;
The orca glides beneath a wave...
To the star fish I made a pledge,
...Lilou wanders outside her cage!

...Seeking shelter beneath the kelp,
I have escaped from this fury.
Through green water calling for help -
I felt the might of its beauty.

A rubber band twangs in my head,
I've touched the sky - cold liquorice...
The smiling Moon so calmly said:
"Avoid darkness, my precipice".

...Floating away above the Earth,
Entangled body in this net!
...Rocketman gazed at the stars' birth -
My hands held tight to the comet!

...La chute.

My day dream ends stringed to its tail -
In Merlin's eyes I was stranded...
The round net snapped amidst my tale;
...Can't remember where I landed!

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