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The Defenceless One ©

by H Marshall

Ten years and more he's stood alone,
Where ducks and children play,
Birds use him as a vantage point,
Rains wash their presence away.

A cord tightly adorns his neck,
Another round his waist,
This stark sculpture is disturbing,
And not to everyone's taste.

His shape evokes the deepest thoughts,
Deformed, slim and plain,
His face shows agony and fear,
Mankind still cannot explain.

How could this soul defend himself
If strong arms he has none?
No riposte with fist, stick or sword,
No finger to fire a gun.

We all must fight the cause for him,
No matter what the foe!
Our duty to the weak in life,
Ev'ry ruler aught to know!

From Böblingen to Glenrothes,
Emissaries move free,
Friendship and peace between our towns,
On behalf of you and me.

Between our towns a bond is struck,
By Rudolf Baisch's gift,
And with the passing of the years,
He will help to heal the rift.


The Defenceless One by Rudolph Christian Baisch
This statue stands in Riverside Park, Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland

The Defenceless One - Plaque
This is the plaque and its inscription which can be seen on the front of the statue

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