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The Day we Stuffed the Generals ©

A memory of Christmas in War

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

I hear the guns a crumping
like snowfall in the dark
and I know that men are dying
while all around is black

then hear the guns go silent
I lie and wonder why
as all around screams are heard
while men prepare to die

we offer Season's Greetings
to all men left alive
dream of home and all we love
with tears within our eyes

then we play a game of football
our field in 'No mans land'
all nations there are gathered
as if it all was planned

we gather in a circle
to sing to 'Auld Lang Syne'
then hurry back to play at war
to hear the bullets whine


as we lay there in our stinking mud
we grinned from ear to ear
for we knew we'd stuffed the Generals
we knew we'd stuffed the Generals
the day we saw their fear

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