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The Dawn Stalker ©

Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

Next door's cat is a ginger Tom,
and manures our garden good.
But sadly it lacks the nuts,
to qualify as the local stud.

Lady next door said it was never fixed,
'cos at the time she had so few pence.
But one day when it tried to fly,
it got impaled on her barbed wire fence.

She got it free then it tried to bolt,
and she thought it could easily expire.
So angry was that spitting cat,
as it viewed nuts left high on wire.

But it still tries a running take off,
to catch the odd foraging dove.
That scratches for little seeds dropping,
from the popping pods high up above.

Sometimes a fat hungry pigeon,
sitting on the fence in the morn'
thinking at last all is clear
alas, will not see another dawn.

A thud, a squark, and all is lost,
the ginger Tom wakes from his nap
and the fluttering bird is mangled,
by evolution's fur covered trap.

A bloodied wing and a few feathers,
are all that is left on the lawn.
But the ginger Tom will soon be back,
laying in wait the next dawn.

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