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Ray E. MacRae
New South Wales, Australia

Some men played football,
others built a picket,
Still others shore sheep,
The Don" played cricket.
Bradman and Izzard, decided to be one,
a result was Sir Donald,
what a son he's become.
Gentlemen like Don,
are matured from fine lads.
They excel at what they do,
set a pace for young dads.
Sir Don is a model,
for others to follow,
his courage and persistence.
from these they can borrow.
An ambassador for us,
he took Australia to the world,
we are proud of Don Bradman,
our flag of cricket he unfurled.
Cootamundra can be proud,
that it nurtured young Don,
I'm sure he is happy to say,
It's Coota I'm from.
Don is proud to be Aussie,
forging ahead, achieving his goals,
being pleasant to people,
winning hearts, warming souls.
Thrilled by his cricket,
crowned heads of the land.
This fellow used willow,
like a wand in his hand.
Snapping runs here,
where none saw a run,
or belting the leather,
and making "them" run.
Oh! what excitement,
This man brought us all,
even those who thought, cricket,
was not their ball.
Now he offers himself,
for the young ones to follow.
I'm sure all of our greats,
have used his career as hallow.

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