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The Countryside ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

I took a walk in the country to breath the clean air,
the sight I saw filled me with despair.
They were digging the green fields and laying down tar
to accommodate that menace - the motor car.

When I asked for a reason their answer was crass,
they said the town was congested - we need a bypass.
If that was the reason why all the fuss,
why not leave our cars and go on the bus?

That's a good idea but the buses are few
and people don't like standing in a queue.
So what is the answer? Please make it clear,
because digging up the green fields is a bad idea.

A walk in the park is not the solution,
as the parks are surrounded by cars and pollution.
We need open countryside that's only fair
as that's the only place to breath clean air.

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