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The British Empire ©

There are far flung posts of the British Empire that still call on the home lands to protect and defend them in times of trouble and war. One of these far off and forgotten corners of that Empire was a group of islands in the South Atlantic. The year was 1982..........Goosegreen was just one of the places we liberated then.

Jim (Jock) Love
Stonehenge, England

Brave men died here today.
Did the swaying grass bring forth your tears?
Will this land which touched,
Nay, claimed your soul,
Stay serene forever, and remain theirs now?
Or will man's greed once more
Bring forth the havoc that is war.
To find our children,
Or God forbid, our children's children,
So they too, will one day lay
Beneath that foreign soil
That we now call the Empire!

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