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The Best Day of My Life ©

Carolle Semple
Aberdeen, Scotland

She knows he's still here
Taste's his presence in every breath
she tries slowly to inhale
Now forced to kneel
Now forced to fear

Has my moment come?
My precious dreams to go?
I WILL not submit, I WILL fight
To you this much I owe

She looks up at the man whom she's given her life to
He knows she is scared,
Watches silently contemplates his next move
What more can he do?

He moves closer, and it hits her
pain so deep within
her body crumples to the floor
The screaming, GOD, the screaming
Her eyes close as his footsteps
Fade beyond the door

Blackness takes over her being
her body, her senses, now numb
Overwhelming love now engulfs her
Her shell, no longer cumbersome

The light? So strong, so beautiful
Surrounds to banish all the pain
Is that an angel I see?
Am I in her domain?

Then she remembers her life as it was
As again it will be and begins to believe
She knows she will fight
This existence is mine
And I have no wish to leave

The voices are chattering,
who is it goes there?
Her eyes start to focus
Memory open, aware

She at last glimpses you
and her heart melts with joy
10 fingers, 10 toes
Her perfect wee boy

Together they hold you
This man and this wife
The pain now forgotten
Yes, the best day of my life

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