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The Ballad of Janey McQueen ©

John J Turner Sen.
Glasgow, Scotland

Janey McQueen wis a tomboy
it wis a fact every wan knew
she wis an unofficial member
o’ oor merry little crew.

She’d join in aw oor games
wis champion climber up walls
where she did outshine us
wis in games played wi balls.

We played the Green st. mob
oor arses were getting’ skelpt
some oh us we wur thinkin
on callin’ oan God fur help.

Janey yelled’ pit me oan’
the Green st. mob did laugh
well as wi nothing tae lose
we pit her oan at the second half.

Well Janey, she proved her worth
wi two goals in nae time at aw
that left us jist the wan doon
Green st. never even goat the ba’.

They went hame in shellshock
while we were aw in bliss
it wis then Ah did something daft
fur Ah gave Janey a big kiss.

Well she stoaped being a tomboy
an then took tae wearing a dress
as fur me well the rest o’ summer
it wis jist a miserable bloody mess.

Fur the ithers widnae talk tae me
Ah wis like a leper it did seem
An the only joy Ah could find
wis in the airms o’ Janey McQueen.

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