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The Ballad Of Howard ©

Josette Marie Louise Lager
California, USA

Howard still sails the skies
first starting out as Mr. Tool and Dye.
Now Howard's on the loose
what didn't fly Howard?
Was it the Hercules?
Or was it the spruce goose?

I'm at the hotel now
where you resided
will I stay I'm undecided

Everything is crazy clean here
and just plain crazy
or just plain eccentric

a Kleenex here a bug there
a line drawn with chalk
what's to talk about
Howard the eccentric
Howard the hawk!

And then there's Howard the movie maker
Hollywood's earth shaker
Poor Jane was left out in the cold and
shelved for years until she grew old
and dried up all her tears.

Yes canned for years
sitting on that shelf
and no one ever heard
her cry for help.

And last but not least
the phoney will.
I'll drink to that Howard
let's have us some swill.
Dumas won't get a dime
end of story
and end of my rhyme

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