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The Babington Plot ©

Mary Queen of Scots (In a nutshell) Part 15

Joe Sharp
Stra'ven, Scotland

An’ so it continued wi’ the Babin’ton plottin’
Wi’ ane bad apple turnin’ the whole lot rottin’
A big burly brewer, wi’ a beer barrel belly
Made a special bung, an’ stuck it in wi’ jelly

Mary wis noo able tae send her letters in the plug hole
Hopin’ nane o’ Lizzy’s men, were thirsty for ane or twa swallows
An incriminatin’ letter, reached Walsin’ham’s lughole
He took his quill, an’ drew an image, an image o’ the gallows

Mary Queen o’ Scots is taken awa’ tae Tixall
Preparin’ for her trial, an’ whit fate wis tae befall

“Oh my Lord and my God, I have trusted in Thee.
Oh my dear Jesus, now liberate me.
In shackle and chain, in torture and pain, I long for Thee.
In weakness and sighing, in kneeling and crying,
I adore and implore Thee, to liberate me!”

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