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The Awesome Power Of Nature ©

The Boscastle Flood - 16 August 2004

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

In the summer of two thousand and four
On an August rainy day,
The streets did flow with the river
All was washed in its way.

The awesome power of nature
Is the ultimate almighty concern,
When we think that we are safe and homely
There's no more to life can we learn.

Clouds did brew in anger
But the wind didnít blow them along,
A riverside town in Cornwall
Suffered when things went wrong.

Trees were uprooted
And buildings were destroyed,
Street signs and landmarks
Were soon null and void.

This town was soon in a wash
Bludgeoned and beat like a cosh,
Because of that day and the clouds full of rain
This town is no more the same.

The small coastal town of Boscastle
It's people found a hard way to learn,
The awesome power of nature
Is the ultimate almighty concern.

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