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The Arab ©

Tammy Abbot
Cape Town, South Africa

Over the timeless desert sands,
The sky awash with flame,
The spirit of the desert flies,
With a freedom no hand can tame.

As the wild wind whirls, her heartbeat thuds
In time with her beating hooves,
Her sun-bleached coat shows muscles toned,
Fine hocks and pasterns neatly boned.
Her mane and tail stream behind and mingle with the dust,
Her nostrils wide drink in the air
While dark eyes reflect the wildness of her soul.

Her graceful flight moves hearts of stone.
Nothing can match her speed,
Her kin bring peace to warring tribes.
When she appears even kings take heed

Her hooves clatter on desert stone,
The desert dunes rise high,
Like giant towers built by the wind,
To shut out a sea blue sky

This child of the wind, of fury and peace,
Brings her gallop to a close
Her head held high,
The soft sand blows,
Her delicate legs stretch and close,
As though to leap a dying sun,
To dance among the stars.

Here's another poem about horses "The Horse" with a photo of two gorgeous young Arabs that look just as this poem describes.

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