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The Ages Three of Man ©

{Composed to form the backbone for a mystery story)

Thomas Matthew Edgar
Melbourne, Australia

As this paradox unfolds,
soon you will come to know;
perplexity abounds in why
the ages three are so.

Age one the oldest of the three,
is old as old can be.
From birth of time, till time is now,
now you begin to see.

Age two from womb to grave the span,
Full three score years and ten.
The question you may come to ask:
Will it ever come again?

Age three the mystic number seven.
Ten times it will repeat,
before the bodies fragile form
succumbs to its defeat.

Age one embracing all things known
will call us to the fold.
The universal architect
will take his final hold.

The ages three will signify
the Father, Son and Ghost;
and flourish forth eternal
in heaven's gentle host.

But ages three will come again,
as ages always do.
For you who find the secret
in the paradox, THE CLUE.

This piece is probably a little too esoteric to be appreciated in its present form, so I’ve included some information below to de-mystify a bit.

It's a known scientific phenomenon that every seven years or so every cell in the human body is cycled out and replaced, that is except for the brain cells, we can never be older than seven.

It is also a scientific fact that matter cannot be destroyed it can only be changed, therefore every atom in existence which makes up the fabric of the universe is as old as time itself. It therefore follows, the material of which our body is constructed at any given time, is as old as time, infinite from the start to the finish, which means… no start no finish. The total quantity of matter and energy available in the universe is a fixed amount and never any more or less..

It is also a scientific fact that we are born and we die, which is the age we all recognise “the cradle to the grave”, traditionally classed as three score years and ten. Thus !!!!

The mystic number seven
The ages three of man.
I haven't even mentioned the spirit or the soul
to this point

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