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The Age of Innocence ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Tackety boots on cobbled streets kids with footballs at their feet
Laughing feet that flew so fleet playing games of hide and seek
Marble bools wi’ colours braw playing Staney hashie on a wa’
Laughing if ye trip and fa’ mind noo dinnae tell ma maw
Bonnie kids wi’ short cropped hair wi’ ne’er a hint of dark despair
Free as the breeze and not a care a frowning face extremely rare
A girl was beautiful and sweet with skipping rope and flying feet
So prim so proper and so neat and with them we were discreet
they played in garden street or park from morning time till it was dark
Playing ring-a-roses for a lark in pink and white wee cutty sarks
Down on the beach at Ravenscraig in the summer time we had it made
And watched the laddies and the maids as on the beach they’d promenade
What fun we had when day was done as we sat there in the setting sun
Then lit a fire for heat and fun and roasted spuds till they were done
Then as the sunset turned cerise we wandered home in calm and peace
And before my auntie Nell’s demise we called in for a jeely piece
Those days we had in times long past we thought they would forever last
And when we have finished our repast we will reminisce about the past

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